This summary is primarily for the site designer and  page authors.

Use the |. Headlines:L:D.| tag to display Headlines.
Show headlines for specified dates: L is the one letter code for D{ay}, W{eek}, M{onth}, w for next seven days or t for next two weeks.  if another letter is specified, the system defaults to Month.  If :D is specified, only headlines for that division will be returned. Otherwise headlines for all Divisions will be returned.  Note: if L is not equal to 'D' then the 3 letter month followed by the day of the month will precede the headline (e.g, Nov 3: Vote Today).  That is if you request headlines for more than one day.  Note: headlines with the same Title and start time will have the one longest long description displayed and others suppressed.  This primarily impacts Headlines which do not specify a Division.

Use the |. Important:L:D.| tag to display both Headlines and Events which are marked as Important.  Events are displayed with the start time in addition to the date when appropriate.

Note: The result of these tags is a table with one row and one table data element which contain an unordered list with the individual results displayed by date withe headlines preceding important events (when both are present).  Entries are: Date StartTime Event Short Description.   If there is a long desription then the entire entry is a hyperlink to a javascript popup which opens the appropriate window.

Styles used:

class='Headlines' Contained in DIV tag which surrounds the table which contains the output produced by the Important or Headlines tags
class='HeadlinesTitle' Contained in DIV tag which surrounds the Title (e.g, Events) before the beginning of the list.
class='HeadlinesList' Contained in DIV tag which surrounds the unordered list.
id='Headline_detail' Contained in DIV tag which surrounds the entry, i.e., its with in the {LI} tags
id='head_time' Contained in SPAN tag which surrounds the Start time for entries