Executive Council


Executive Council

Minister Judith Mussatto, OFS
Vice Minister Frank Miller, OFS
Secretary Margarita Rodriguez, OFS
Treasurer Ben Soriano 
Councilor Anthony Tuan Cao, OFS
Councilor Rosa Youm, OFS
Spiritual Assistants Rock DeSpain, OFS
Spiritual Assistants Armando Lomeli, OFS
Spiritual Assistants Sylvia Paoli, OFS
      (Mentor) Fr. Stephen Gross, OFM Conv.

  Appointed Positions

 Formation Director Lucy Ibarfa OFS
 Youth and Young Adults Chair Cathy Kwon, OFS
Communication Coordinator Patricia Dervish


District Liaisons

Orange County  
San Diego County  
Tri-County - Ventura, Santa Barbara, and north  
Los Angeles County  
San Bernardino/Riverside Counties  

* People need to be appointed by the new council which was just elected.

 Related Responsibilities

 Liturgy Coordinator Frank Miller, OFS
 Data Base Coordinator Bill Mussatto. mussato@acm.org
 Communications Coordinator  Patricia Dervish,OFS
 Calendar Coordinator  William Mussatto, OFS
 Media Coordinator Anthony Tuan Cao, OFS


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