Course Material

November 2013 Class

     Org. Structure & Franciscan Family  Presentation

December 2013 Class

     Signs of an OFS                                 Presentation     Notes

February 2014 Class

     Place of the Sponsor                          Presentation

    Beatitudes I                                        Presentation   

April 2014 Class                                   

     Beatitudes II                                       Presentation 

     I am the Bread of Life                         Presentation

May 2014 Class

     Beatitudes III                                     Presentation

     Dialog Prayer on the Beatitudes        Presentation     Notes

June 2014 Class

    Beatitudes IV                                     Presentation

     Canon Law:                                      Presentation     Notes

July 2014 Class

Address of Pope John Paul II        Presentation     Address

Address of Pope Benedict XVI     Presentation    Address

Knowledge vs. Wisdom                 Presentation    Notes

August 2014 Class

Vatican II Documents  & OFS      Presentation

Brief History of the OFS               Presentation

September 2014 Class

Franciscan Writers                        Presentation

YOUFRA                                      Presentation

October 2014 Class

November 2014 Class

Taming the Wolf                           Presentation     Extra Notes & Doc

December 2014 Class

February 2015 Class

Franciscan Spirituality                  Presentation

March 2015 Class

Adult Learners                              Presentation

Servant Leadership                      Presentation

Conversion                                  Presentation

April 2015 Class

Debate and Dialog                      Presentation

What is a Spiritual Assistant      Presentation

May 2015 Class

Franciscan Theology                  Presentation

June 2015 Class

         Nuts & Bolts (Ch 2 of SA Handbook)    Presentation     Outline

July 2015 Class

         Election Process                                      Presentation    Outline     Scenarios

        Being Pastoral                                          Presentation    Outline

        What is a Spiritual Assistant                    Presentation

August 2015 Class

        First Orientation Class                      Presentation

        What is a Formation Director           Presentation       Notes




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